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What kind of person is the student looked for?
Students from the various fields such as a member of society, an arts background, sociology and science and engineering are on this laboratory. There are many students who mastered a fine arts, design, cinema, architecture, too. Members of society are on from a publishing, advertisement, an electric appliances company, the Internet and the computer field, too. I thinks it is better that students from such a field compose a project in cooperation and research.

What kind of ability is necessary for the research?
It is better if you have understanding about a computer, the Internet, design and the art field and have ability in the composition and thesis writing. And, it is better if you have ability in some programming to research and develop. Recently, it have to make an easy electronic handicraft and design, too.

How should I advance for the research?
As for the research, you should read many references about the preceding research at first. And, it is better in the project research as a staff if you can make a computer program, designing and be an able writer and planner. Therefore cooperating with the person such as an enterprise and other students is the most necessary. Moreover, your physical strength for going to the laboratory every day is necessary, too.

What kind of course does a graduate go to?
The graduates (graduate school and department ) of this laboratory get a job to the following enterprise, and enter to the graduate school. Types of industry are many and various. They get a job to designer, director and planner of an advertising agent, producer of a broadcasting company, a researcher of an electric maker and a publishing company or a printing company. Theirs jobs include many fields such as a new media, multimedia, computing and the Internet, too. Moreover, there is a graduate who is an artist, holds a personal company, manages a production company, too.
They get a job in the Dentsu Co.,Ltd., the Hakuhodo Co.,Ltd., the Nissan Co.,Ltd., the Sony Co.,Ltd., the Sharp Co.,Ltd., the NTT DoCoMo Co.,Ltd., the NHK enterprise, theater of university and so on. Or, there is a graduate who enters a graduate school such as the Waseda university and Tokyo university, too.

What kind of country does a student from overseas come from?
Though many students from overseas country were enrolled in this laboratory so far, they come from Sweden, Norway, America, Spain, Canada, China, Taiwan and South Korea. There is much inquiry about the entrance into a school from other countries again, too. Chinese and Korean flit about though daily languages on the occasion of the research are Japanese and English, too. A short-term researcher and an exchange student from overseas are accepted except for the student from overseas of the graduate school and the faculty in my laboratory, too.

How should I discuss an entrance examination?
You can contact Professor Ikuro Choh or the admission office of the graduate school of Intermedia Art and Science or Global Information and Telecommunication Studies by Email or the following form. You will need to include in the E-mail with your career, your subject and purpose of the research as well. Also, please ask the Faculty of Science and Engineering about an entrance examination to the Department of Intermedia and Art and Science.

LinkIconmedia design lab., Waseda University

The faculty of science and engineering

Fucalty of the fundamental science and engineering

Admission office of the Graduate School of Global Information and Telecommunication Studies

Can you discuss joint research and advice?
We have researched together with an enterprise and a a local government and the research organization in the country and outside. And, I am working as a guest researcher and guest professor of the foreign university as well. You should contact the professor directly for the request of a joint research. Please hold back from your inquiry over the telephone because I often go out for the school duties and the overseas business trip.

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