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The representation of today’s art and design has shifted from a mechanistic structure to a cognitive form, which stimulates human senses more naturally and invisibly. In the excessively artificial environment of today, more legible and tangible design is needed. While understanding the traditional production and visualization methods in the field of computing media, we needs to come up with another design system that takes advantages of computing media. The positive relationship between every product design and its user is determined by a well-developed interface that simulates legible and tangible senses. In order to improve the usability in every design and product, we aim to apply concepts and theories in the fields of psychology and cognitive science. The member of Media Design lab is researching based on that concept.



our projects (2009 - 2010)




Student Shinsaku Saito work announces and exhibition of a movie project "Black June" in the 15th Pusan film festival.

Five students participated in ADA International Student Workshop 2010 in Taipei.

Three students participated in the Seoul International Design Workshop 2010 in Seoul.

Student Yosuke Iga was awarded the grand prix in the presentation section of the third student digital work contest of the Apple.


I should like to answer your question about an entrance examination and a joint research.

Taito Culture Guide Book

Media design lab is cooperating with Taito City for the Taito culture guide book.

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