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海外の学生作品 vol.1
The College of Design, Kookmin University, Korea

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Kookmin University was established by the cabinet members of the Shanghai Provisional Government while the Korean government was in exile under the Japanese Occupancy. As soon as Korea gained its independence, they felt the urgent need to train leaders to rebuild the nation, and meeting that need has been the longstanding vision of Kookmin University. One of the founding members of the university, Ikhee "Haikong"Shin, became the first president of our university. He later went on to serve the country as the first House Speaker of the National Assembly. In 1959 Kookmin University overcame a variety of obstacles imposed by the contemporary political situation. It was at that time that Sunggon "Sungkok" Kim, the founder of the Ssangyong Corporation, took over the foundation. His educational philosophy was to bring up leaders necessary for the modernization of Korea. Since then, our university has endeavored to do this. Surrounded by the Bukhan Mountain National Park, Kookmin University boasts a clean and green environment complimented by the most up-to-date educational facilities. Presently, Kookmin University consists of 23,000 students, 700 faculty and 300 staff members. There are 13 colleges and 14 graduate schools at Kookmin University. While preserving traditional values that have yielded success, Kookmin University strives to educate women and men to be creative, open-minded and principled professionals who can serve not only the nation but the global community, too.
UIT Design Solution Center The Ubiquitous Design Solution Center (UDSC) aims to raise designers trained for a ubiquitous environment by supplying design solutions. This center makes every effort to develop UIT design education and increase applied research to achieve this purpose. In addition, it performs UIT design solutions, machine and material operation education, encourages education to support businesses, and concentrates on promising a design focused industry. The UIT Design Solution Center promotes design development. It holds a contest to promote design solution centered business. The Center will increase cooperation with small and medium businesses to find UIT solutions using improved design technology.

The College of Design

The College of Design aims to facilitate a creative forum for academically researching design for the societies. More and more aspects of our increasingly cosmopolitan lives are being affected by global trends in food, clothing, shelter, transportation, leisure time, and the environment. We endeavor to cultivate professionals who can understand the influences that architecture and design has on those aspects of daily life. Furthermore we seek to facilitate and refine their unique skills and personal visions within their chosen discipline so that they can discover fresh ideas in developing future trends and standards. Since the College of Design was founded in 1975, it has clearly distinguished itself from other colleges of the arts by developing specialized design oriented teaching materials and methodologies. Our teaching philosophy has successfully cultivated professional designers who are vital contributors to our harmonious global vision. We train prospective professionals in design to feel sensitive to the ever increasing needs of humanity and the environment we share. Guide them in becoming future-oriented enough to consider the harmonizing potentials between science, art, and nature. While fostering an awareness of traditional cultures and their increasing challenges amongst the international inclinations of global consumerism. These guiding principles have been instilled into our staff, students, and alumni for the last 26 years, and they continue to validate the motivations of those individuals to discover, create, and evolve themselves and those around them.

Industrial Design / Visual Communication Design / Metalwork and Jewelry Design / Ceramic / Fashion Design / Interior Design