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Collaboration System "Legible+"
Toshiya Fujii + Wonsuk Nam + Perez Pealez Mariano

アイデア醸造の仕組みとして個人の思考活動を支援する環境はパーソナルコンピュータにより整備されつつありますが、個人を超えた協同の知的活動を支援する場はまだこれからの課題と言えます。身体性の支援や再認記憶に着目すると、協調作業において本当に相手に伝えるべき情報、毀れ落ちる情報がない記憶方式、そして臨場感の構築に有効な情報とは何かなど、未解決の課題が急速に表面化しています。そして、その解決の糸口としてLegible Design があると考えます。



After the computer is utilized in office work, the improvement of efficiency and paperless was expected. However, it is not actualized realistically. Appearance of the personal computer has contributed to the improvement of the quality regarding design work, but conversely it brought the substantial extension of job time as the side effect. GUI and direct manipulation environment of the personal computer made the threshold of the computer low for many people, but it has not contributed to drastic ease of use.


Our Goal

In office work, it should be necessary to share field where persons commit to something simultaneously. It is so-called collaboration reality. The conference system and the personal computer environment have no collaboration reality. In that sense, they have deviated from the essence of collaboration work. As the beginning which solves those, direct manipulation environment of tabletop device is made on an experimental basis and the Legible Interface which enlightens the re-recognizing memory of the brain on the meeting is researched.

藤井 稔也 Toshiya Fujii
1964 年 京都生まれ

南 元晳 Wonsuk Nam
1974 年 韓国ソウル生まれ